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Stores and gas stations

Invest in energy from reusable sources and provide the highest comfort for your customers. You will gradually increase your market competitiveness and rentability of your business. All while also helping the environment.

Higher comfort for your customers

Reduce electricity

Use the average 1 500 sunny hours per year to save 50-75 % of costs by optimizing the main power consumption during daytime hours.

Reach maximum

Solar power can be used at any time, regardless of tariffs of commercial distributors, and can be accumulated for later use.

Build infrastructure
for electromobility

We can build fast charging stations for electric vehicles, whose share on the roads is constantly growing. Electric vehicles in combination with solar panels will save both your company’s and employees‘ money. On top of that, you can use the charging stations for commercial purposes, charging market prices.

Think of the

Reusable energy sources are the purest form of acquiring energy. Investing in them does not only decrease your carbon footprint, but also brings the perspective of a sustainable future.

Tailored solution

All roofs are not the same. An initial analysis will be provided for you on site. Then we will evaluate inputs and options, prepare recommendations for specific implementation, and calculate efficiency, return and profit. This is so that everything works as it should.

Smooth process

With us, you don’t need to worry about building a solar power plant. We will take care of all the permits needed, arrange subsidies, and communicate with your energy distributor to make the entire process go smoothly.

Premium support

We will continue to provide support and monitor proper functionality and performance. We will respond to error reports immediately and provide service within a few days.

Tangen PowerBuy

Leave the
inconveniences to us

We will buy the excess energy you produce with the Tangen power plant back from you. This way you can generate profit with the power plant and shorten the return on investment.

You won't have to deal with surplus energy distribution or worry about selling it at the best prices on the market. We offer a straightforward solution for purchasing the energy you generate, whether you have a power plant installed by us or not. We will buy all the electricity you produce, including any unused surplus. The purchase can be arranged for a fixed period of time at a pre-agreed price or based on an hourly price, according to your preference. With us, you can always be certain that you will sell your electricity at a competitive price.

Tangen VirtualStorage

Store the
produced energy

Use the energy you produce with your own power plant even in adverse lighting conditions and without the necessary investment in batteries.
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