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Family houses

Become an intermediary between the present and the future and use the natural energy to lower your home‘s running costs, gain energy independence and eliminate fossil resources.

Reduces dependence on energy suppliers

Reduce electricity

Use the average 1 500 sunny hours per year to save 50-75 % of costs by optimizing the main power consumption during daytime hours.

Reach maximum

In combination with electric heating or a heat pump, you will not have to worry about facing the consequences of energy crises.

Build infrastructure
for electromobility

Electric cars save costs especially when you charge at home. And with a solar power plant, you charge for free, which adds a new dimension to traveling by car.

Think of the

By installing solar power plant on the roof of your apartment building, you will help the environment.

Tailored solution

All roofs are not the same. An initial analysis will be provided for you on site. Then we will evaluate inputs and options, prepare recommendations for specific implementation, and calculate efficiency, return and profit. This is so that everything works as it should.

Smooth process

With us, you don’t need to worry about building a solar power plant. We will take care of all the permits needed, arrange subsidies, and communicate with your energy distributor to make the entire process go smoothly.

Premium support

We will continue to provide support and monitor proper functionality and performance. We will respond to error reports immediately and provide service within a few days.

Tangen PowerBuy

Leave the
inconveniences to us

We will buy the excess energy you produce with the Tangen power plant back from you. This way you can generate profit with the power plant and shorten the return on investment.

You won't have to deal with surplus energy distribution or worry about selling it at the best prices on the market. We offer a straightforward solution for purchasing the energy you generate, whether you have a power plant installed by us or not. We will buy all the electricity you produce, including any unused surplus. The purchase can be arranged for a fixed period of time at a pre-agreed price or based on an hourly price, according to your preference. With us, you can always be certain that you will sell your electricity at a competitive price.

Tangen VirtualStorage

Store the
produced energy

Use the energy you produce with your own power plant even in adverse lighting conditions and without the necessary investment in batteries.
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Tangen PowerBuy

Rent your roof
to us

It can be done in other ways. We can use your roof to run a power plant.

Whether you choose to have a power plant built by us or already have a completed project in operation, you can also take advantage of the Tangen Power Buy solution, including technology rental or leasing of the roof/land under the facility. This will allow you to get rid of the worries and responsibilities of operating and maintaining the power plant and leave it to us, including the purchase of energy. At a fair price, we will take care of your facility, keep it in operational condition, and buy its surplus. All of this is under the best possible rental conditions. This solution will enable you to enjoy energy produced from renewable sources without the need for investment and allocation of resources for future operation and maintenance, solely relying on potential sales revenue.

Upcoming realizations

If you are considering installing a photovoltaic system for your family home, you can expect a professional approach from Tangen. Our technician will always visit you before preparing an offer and agree with you on the required parameters and your expectations. He will inspect and document the site so that the proposed solution is technically and performance-wise feasible and respects all your requirements for the performance, execution, and aesthetics of the plant. This is followed by a visual variant proposal and recommendation of the types and types of necessary components. The proposal is consulted with you throughout the entire process so that it does not deviate from your expectations and at the same time ensures efficient PV production, which will bring the desired return on investment and will have an economic and aesthetic sense for your property.

After mutual approval of the proposal and types of components, a binding offer follows, which includes all components of the price. After its approval, Tangen will prepare a draft contract and project documentation, and everything can begin. After signing the contract and agreeing on a down payment, Tangen will take care of providing everything necessary for the processing of the grant and will present you with a schedule for the realization.

We will deliver, install, commission, and train you in the use of your new photovoltaic system, including the necessary permits and documentation and possibly also maintenance, and you will only enjoy its benefits.

Family home in Prague West

The installed power of 10 kWp, including an adequate battery storage system, will provide a large portion of the family home's consumption.

Garage of a family home in South Bohemia

The estimated installed power of 6 kWp will be used for the consumption of the family home.


Garden and roof of a family home in Příbramsko

The estimated installed power of up to 10 kWp will be used for the consumption of the family home and to power a heat pump.


Roof of a garage and construction of a pergola with photovoltaics in South Moravia

The installed power will be used for the consumption of the household, including the heat pump, and to power an electric vehicle.


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